To ensure that SwiftAlarm! GOLD works flawlessly,
please follow these steps:

Download SwiftAlarm! GOLD

Download SwiftAlarm! GOLD from the app store (Android, iOS) and wait until the app has been installed on your device. After that, start the application.

Register your account

You’ll see a welcome window. As a new user, please selet “REGISTER HERE” at the bottom of the screen. In the next step, you can select your language. Currently, SwiftAlarm! GOLD is available in English, german, french, spanish, korean, japanese and chinese. To change the language, tap on the white button with the flag. If you don’t want to change the language, simply tap on “CONTINUE”.


Now you can input your personal data. Please fill in your name, birth date and the other fields. This information is used so you can get help faster in case of an emergency.


Now you can choose a user name and password. If the desired user name has already been taken, the application will suggest an alternative.




Create your LifeCircles

The LifeCircle technology is the heart of SwiftAlarm! GOLD:
According to your location, you can choose which contacts to be notified in case of an emergency.


Therefore, please tell SwiftAlarm! GOLD about the places you visit regularly, such as your home and office :


LifeCircle “HOME”
Please input your home address and add relevant information, if necessary, and select who you want to contact if you had an accident at home. Who could reach you fastest? Maybe a neighbour? Or friends who live close by?


You can input your contacts’ phone numbers manually or access your phone’s address book by tapping on the icon of a person next to the number field. Select here who should receive a text message and on the next page who should get a phone call. For text messages, you can select several friends.

We recommend to give an extra house key to a person you trust, so emergency services wouldn’t have to force open your door.


LifeCircle “WORK”
In this LifeCircle, you can input information about your workplace. Your first responders could be a colleague or someone who works nearby.


LifeCircle “CAR”
If you own a car, please describe its model and colour. SwiftAlarm! GOLD will try to detect if you are in a car add the information about the car in case of an emergency.


LifeCircle “SPORT”
This one is for your gym or sports club.


LifeCircle “GENERAL”
Lastly, you can select whom to call when you’re outside of your usual LifeCircles.
Whom do you want to send your location data in case of emergency? Whom would you like to call?

You can create as many LifeCircles as you like. The system will know when you’re there and will notify the right people for the right places. And of course you can change all these settings later.



Enable GPS

Now please activate GPS in your phone’s settings. You will see that the system starts searching for your position.

Activate the SwiftAlarm! Widget

Android: Please search for the SwiftAlarm! GOLD widget in your smartphone and put it on your home screen, so it’s easily available when you need it.
iPhone: Open your notification center and add the SwiftAlarm! GOLD widget.

If you are at home and the address is saved, the widget should show “HOME”, so you know it has found your position.



You are all set now!

Run one or two tests to make sure you know how to use it when needed. But you should, please, warn your friends first, to make sure they know you’re just testing and not really in trouble.

Consider SwiftAlarm! your safety belt

After SwiftAlarm! GOLD has been set up, it will be there for you, although we hope that you’ll never have to use it.


We are very happy that you decided to use SwiftAlarm! GOLD and we hope it will help you to feel more free and without fear than before. If you are satisfied, please tell your friends! This might safe their lives one day. Start with your first responders, tell them why you chose them to be your first responders and offer to do the same for them.


But please remember: SwiftAlarm! does not save lives. People save lives. We just do our best to help them.




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Because you have a friend. Everywhere.


Dr. Rudolf C. King Founder SwiftAlarm! GOLD ESS Ltd.